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Tracy Morgan

Tracy Morgan’s father severed four tours in Vietnam after which he returned home addicted to heroin. He would have PTSD nightmare’s and wake up screaming. Tracy was six years old.

Later in life Tracy would sell crack to make ends meet. His best friend was murdered by someone they went to junior high with. His father died of AIDS. Here’s Tracy Morgan talking about his father on NPR’s ‘Fresh Air’:

And he was sitting outside, and I don’t know how he found the strength to climb down four flights of stairs. He had lost all his teeth. He was just about on his way out, and I looked at him, I said, dad, why are you sitting out here? And he couldn’t talk. He had lost that ability, and he just looked at me, and he mumbled: I needed air. Take me upstairs. And I picked him up in my arms, and I carried my father upstairs, and then as we was going through the door, he cried. He looked at me, and I said, what’s wrong, dad? He said: I remember when I carried you through the door when you was a baby.

When someone has lived a life like that they don’t understand why people take everything else seriously. That is some real shit to live through. All before he graduated high school, by the way. Someone that lives that life doesn’t understand why people would get upset about saying Sarah Palin is “masturbation material” on a live broadcast on  TNT’s NBA Pre-Game show. Lucky for us he has a sense or humor about these things.

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