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The Week Draws to A Close

A short piece on animated films is now up.

I may try to wrangle another opinion out of someone, but for now you’ll just have to bear with mine.

It’s definitely not fiction, if you know what I mean.

We’ll have some of that next week. *With the update, this is now a lie.

Link to the site.

Update. *Actually, we’ve gone ahead and thrown up a short short story by Tim Hall. Look for a longer short story from him next week.


While You Wait

The next Film Decade post will come tomorrow.

In the meantime, you should peruse some of our other features, such as Laura Lamp’s photo blog.

Made up entirely of shots from her iPhone and updated daily (she’s very good about it, too), Oculus5 features dozens of beautiful and clever moments.

We’ll be keeping a link on our photography page.


It’s the 10th anniversary of the end of the 90’s

So, we are appropriately taking a look back at the films of the decade in question.

Jesse presents an interesting essay, and we both make some picks.

Also, discuss it here, if you dare.

The madness continues tomorrow…


Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

We have launched a real website. (!!!!!!!!!)

Yes, a real website.

And, to celebrate, we’re taking a look back at the last decade in film with posts daily over the next week.

Check out the first one here.

We’re also going to have short films, short fiction, photography and interviews with interesting humans. We’ll be frequently updating, so come back often.

For now, you should also have a look at the writing from our archive if you happened to miss it. There’s an ongoing series of short narrative stuff, as well as a number of curiously true pieces.

The site is a bit of a work-in-progress for the next couple days, so no complaining.



To Marc:
So I’m auditioning something I wrote for a theater showcase.

The idea is two roommates standing on a bed listening to the girl above them having sex.

So, I need to make a clip of some people have sex. Could I do that from stuff found online or will I need to make it from scratch?

Let me know.


Marc’s Reply:

I would suggest recording something like that yourself. You could probably find separate SFX online of people making out, sex sounds, and bed sounds, but they won’t go together in rhythm. And since it’s coming through a ceiling/floor it will end up being muffled anyway, so the recording wouldn’t necessarily need to be studio quality or anything. Doing it yourself would be the only way to get the scene to have the characteristics you want. I’ve drawn a diagram of how your sound spectrum should look…

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