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Aaron Katz Interview

Dance Party, USA
Quiet City
Cold Weather

Laser Crab.

That’s all we’re saying.


Short Short Stories, Film

We’ve got a new short story and shorter short story from Doug Sullivan, as well as a new-old short film from Laura Lamp.

We’ve got some awesome stuff planned for tomorrow, too.

Also, Water Hunt, our film from last week, can now be watched much larger.


Buffet Windows

Hi all,

Jesse’s posted an interesting essay on Jimmy Buffett’s new album’s new commercial.

It’s under not fiction.

Also, I’ve put up a photographic project of my own under E-photography (which will soon be re-titled, because it’s a lie).

That photography page is gonna be spruced up a little this weekend.

Also, if you haven’t done it yet, you should listen to Vampire Weekend’s new album, which is up on their site to be played for free.

I think Run might be my favorite track.


Big Plans for Next Week. Big.

There’s nothing today but getting ready for next week. We got more guest fiction. More photography, another film, maybe an interview, and an incredible long and detailed essay about a 30 second commercial for Jimmy Buffet’s latest album. Your trying to decide if that is a joke or not aren’t you? Guess you’ll have to come back next week.


Josh Dove in an Aquatic Odyssey

We have a film of our own, too.

It’s a couple years old, but it’s still a World Premiere.

It’s strange, too.



We already knew that Cold Weather sound mixed by Nathan Whiteside (a NCSA grad) newest film was premerie at SXSW. (Aaron Katz the director, writter, editor we also went to NCSA) You can check out the trailer of it here. Other NCSA grads that worked on the film: Andrew Reed DP, Brendan McFadden producer, Robyn Rikoon a NCSA drama grad (had a non-fiction writing class with her and developed a big fuckin’ cursh for her) and other people I’m sure I’m forgetting.

But, today the entire lineup for SXSW was announced and Martha Stephen’s (NCSA grad) debut film Passenger Pigeons will also be showcased. You can find the trailer here. The film is also starting Brenden McFadden, edited by Joe Chang, and I’m sure a whole bunch of other NCSA grads were involved. Also follow them on twitter here.


Films + Story = Wednesday

We have our first guest short story up! Woohoo!

Isn’t that exciting?

And, we have (finally) the best films of this decade with an essay by yours truly, as well as both Jesse and my choices with commentary on the other’s top ten. Yeah, you should probably just look.

Oh, the words…


A Very Disappointing Tuesday

Jesse and I have a look back at some of the films that we expected to raise the bar, but instead dropped the ball.

Also, we wouldn’t mind hearing from you here.

In other news, Oscar nominations have been announced.

Personally, I’m happy that A Serious Man are in the race in a couple of [important*] categories.

Very exciting things coming tomorrow, so please return.

*Categories that require the film to be good, not just pretty and/or well-acted like Revolutionary Road.


This Week’s Schedule + Free Japanese eComic

So, we’re gearing up to finish our series on the past decade in film. We’ve got 3 more exciting posts planned.

Also, we’ll presenting a longer short story from Tim Hall on Wednesday.

On Thursday, we’ll have a new short film up.

On Friday, we might have an interview. No guarantees on that one.

While you wait for all of that to take off, you should check out this very interesting comic I’ve found.

Written and drawn by Yuichi Yokoyama, Outdoor (I think that’s what it’s called) seems to have been done as some sort of environmental awareness thing [I don’t read Japanese]. Anyways, it’s pretty much my favorite environmentalist anything at the moment. You should have a look. For sure. There’s no dialogue. Just some sound effects.

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