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Howard Zinn’s Greatest Generation

I read Howard Zinn’s A People’s History of the United States this summer finally after I had been wanting to for years since Matt Damon told me to in Good Will Hunting. The book drastically changed my view of America and the role of the government. It has sent me reeling trying to redefine all my political beliefs I had developed over my life time. The book is a remarkable achievement using mostly smoking gun quotes to make his case instead of opinion. Like this,

It was an old lesson learned by governments: that war solves problems of control. Charles E. Wilson, the president of General Electric Corporation, was so happy about the wartime situation that he suggested a continuing alliance between business and the military for “a permanent war economy.”

Awesome America! The most stunning chapter is the one on World War II where Howard Zinn challenges the notion (very successfully) that WWII was a “People’s War” and that we fought it to purge the earth of evil. Instead he states that it was a war for economic reasons and we would have never got involved if American economic interests where never challenged. (We did sit on our hands for several years well the Nazi’s invaded all of Europe and began exterminating Jews.) But, I digress.

Since then I’ve been interested in other commentary Zinn had on the the War, which he fought in. The most interesting article I’ve been able to find so far is one Zinn wrote around the time of the release of the best selling book The Greatest Generation. Take it away Zinn:

What makes them so great? These men-the sailors of Pearl Harbor, the soldiers of the D-Day invasion, the crews of the bombers and fighters- risked their lives in war, perhaps because they believed the war was just, perhaps because they wanted to save a friend, perhaps because they had some vague idea they were doing this “for my country.” And even if I believe that there is no such thing as a just war, even if I think that men do not fight for “our country” but for those who run our country, the sacrifice of soldiers who believe, even wrongly, that they are fighting for a good cause is to be acknowledged. But not admired.

Hit’em again Zinn:

I refuse to celebrate them as “the greatest generation” because in doing so we are celebrating courage and sacrifice in the cause of war. And we are miseducating the young to believe that military heroism is the noblest form of heroism, when it should be remembered only as the tragic accompaniment of horrendous policies driven by power and profit. Indeed, the current infatuation with World War II prepares us-innocently on the part of some, deliberately on the part of others-for more war, more military adventures, more attempts to emulate the military heroes of the past.

Zinn purposes if we most honor the action of those in violence we should honor the members of Shay’s Rebellion (not the Founding Fathers), the Seven Civilized Tribes that fought for their land.

Zinn also nominates for the honor of “greatest generation” the men and women of the sixties who marched for civil rights and the end of the Vietnam War.

Interesting food for thought. Read the entire article here.  

More Howard Zinn on Memorial Day.

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The Gold Club Sex Trail!

Did this grandmama receive free sex acts? You’re damn right he did.

You may have forgotten about it. Or never heard about it. But, there was a strip club in Atlanta that was giving away their strippers to perform sex acts to all sorts of celebrates. There is a great article written by Bill Simmons that gives all the necessary hilarious highlights. Like this little nugget from Andruw Jones, the former Atlanta Brave, “the prosecutor asked which of the women Jones had sex with, and Jones answered, ‘Both of them,’ adding, ‘to tell you the truth, I wouldn’t remember one of their faces right now.’ “

Other names dropped with crazy sex stories: Patrick Ewing, Madonna, the King of Sweeden, Dennis Rodman, a stripper named Ziggy.


Best New-Old Video Game Ever

Is that Link in Super Mario? Yes! Yes it is!

So, there’s this new game online where you can play Super Mario as other original NES characters. Like Link, Mega Man, Samus, and two other dudes I don’t really know. But, anyway it’s super cool. You can use there abilities and stuff that the had in the other video games. But, its SUPER MARIO!

Play forever here.


Concealed weapons for crazy people

I voted for you,” the caller said in a voice mail to Democratic Rep. Heath Shuler’s district office. “If you vote for that stimulus package, I’m gonna kill you. Simple as that.”

The man who left that charming voice mail is a 70-year-old man in North Carolina. The FBI arrested him and he went to trial. The court deemed him not fit to stand trail. According to a Politico article he has (The present tense of ‘to have’. Not the past. The present) a concealed weapon permit.


Read the article here.


‘Lost’ David LaChapelle Commercial

This is an amazing commercial that David LaChapelle directed for the Season 1 launch of ‘Lost’ in the UK. It probably doesn’t even deserve to be called a promo or a commercial because it’s to truly amazing.


My Stress Nightmare

There is something terrifying about this image. I think this is from a nightmare I had. Yeah, I’m pretty sure. I just can’t remember if I was Shia LeBouff or if I was one of the horde taking a picture.

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