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I’m getting ready to move, and, in my gathering of stuff, I found a notebook from when I was 7.

Of particular interest, was the spelling/handwriting section. In each case, I had to come up with a sentence for the spelling word we were given* (Note: I’ve realized that some of them are supposed to be us giving definitions, not just sentences). What follows is both surprising and incredibly direct. I wish I could remember if I wrote them as honest fact, or with some sense of irony. Probably, they were the first thing that came to my head. I enjoyed finding and reading them, while wondering what I was thinking for most. Hopefully, you’ll do the same. And now, exactly as written:

Writer. Person who puts letters on paper.

Beehive. I’ve seen a beehive, but with no bees.

Ride. To be carried.

Talk. I don’t like to talk.

Teeth. I like my teeth.

Party. Group of people having a good time together.

Mark. Unit of money in East Germany and West Germany.

Nose. The part of your body used to breath.

Lion. A lion is a large animal that looks like a cat.

Old. Has lived a longgg time.

Secret. I hope a secret will come true.

Sailboat. I didn’t have a sentence.

Know. I know everything.

Are. You are next.

Mmhmm. Oh, 1995…

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Being Sold Shit Sometimes is Awesome

These are two Levi ads that I find astounding. There are by Cary Fukunaga of “Sin Nombre” the poems are Walt Whitman. As much as I hate Whitman is schilling me something part of me doesn’t care because it is perfect. Part of me is also glad something is making Levi’s cool again. Because there the only jeans I buy because, I’m broke. Enjoy.

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