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Laser Crab Writes Like…

There was a thing about this neat writing analysis tool on HTML Giant.

I ran all of our guest fiction stories through it and here are the results, as well as a couple of Jesse’s and here are the results, which I would say are a testament to the diversity of our selections.
Wes Latta = Robert Louis Stevenson
Graham Bowlin = Stephen King
Doug Sullivan = William Gibson
Tim Hall = David Foster Wallace
Jesse Price w/ Male Protagonist = David Foster Wallace
Jesse Price w/ Female Protagonist= Stephenie Meyer
That’s right, Stephenie Meyer. I’m sure you’ll all agree that if Jesse had written a book about vampires, it would be Twilight. I always knew Jesse was half-Mormon.

World Cup Final: The Octopus’ Prediction

The 2010 FIFA World Cup final is tomorrow. Who will win?

Paul the octopus has been right for the seventh time!
Read the Dail Mail article HERE.
Read the New York Times article HERE.

Watch the octopus in action:

Watch the match!


Bach’s Crab Canon on a Möbius Strip

Not to be missed!

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