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We have a tumblr.

We have a tumblr. We won’t repeat ourselves very much with it. It will mostly be cool stuff we find from other people online. Or original content just for the tumblr. Or stuff we are really proud of and would force you to read it if we could, but can’t. So, the best we can do is clog up your feed.


Kevin Tadge: Can be found ever where but here

Co-founder of Laser Crab Revue, Kevin Tadge, (well technically he came up with the name and the first magazine. Then I approached him and was like “Hey, we should go online with this.” So, I’m like Justin Timberlake. I don’t know if he is Jesse Eisenberg or Andrew Garfield)  has been all over the place.

You can find a short story he wrote here for “Mandala Journal” called “Bee Boy”.

His photography was also featured for some Dutch(?) or German(?) website see if you can find the Laser Crab mention. it’s some really cool stuff.

He edited a music video. Yeah. Short stories, photography and editing. He’s a triple threat ladies or guys. But, I’m pretty sure just ladies. It’s for this band Bow Ribbons and the song is “Bells Ring” its a good song. Here watch it already.

Then he got interviewed. Yeah I know.

Finally, his photography got featured in this really cool magazine called CZE. You should check it for sure.

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SXSW starts to tomorrow and there is a lot of NCSA Alumni at SXSW. Who? What? Where? When? Now? No? Really? Wait…what was that? Shoot! Shoot her! Shoot her! (Clumsy, uncalled for Jurassic Park: Check)

Pilgrim Song
Director: Martha Stehpens
Producer: Adam Tate
Director of Photography: Alexander Sablow
Editor: Nathan Whiteside
Actors: Brendan McFadden (film) and Michael Abbot Jr. (drama)

I met Nate and Tate at the same time. I showed up to a party at a house late. They were very drunk and shooting a BB gun. So, I image if there in Texas together don’t show up to a party they’re at late. Because in Texas it will probably be a real gun. And, they will shoot you.

Hopefully we will have more to report on Pilgrim Song soon.

Festival Favorites:
Director: Craig Zobel
Director of Photography: Adam Stone
Actor: Michael Abbot (twice? he’s like the Jude Law of SXSW)

Compliance if you don’t know premiered at Sundance. It got a lot of attention. Magnolia films bought it. Exciting stuff.

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12-year-old with Asperger’s Interviews his mom

We’ll cover Asperger’s in March Madness. But, I found this today and I think it too perfectly demonstrates how insightful and gifted people with Asperger’s can be. And, also how the world can be difficult for them when they can only see it through their eyes. I highly recommend you take four minutes.

Kevin is going to Brazil!

artist depiction of Kevin Tadge in Brazil

That’s right: Laser Crab Revue is sending Kevin Tadge to Brazil! We had to scrape a lot of money together and commit A LOT of felonies but we murdered for found all the money. And, we had enough left over to buy my cup of coffee this morning. Yum. He will be maybe taking pictures or writing something. Visit back with us soon! And be safe Kevin! ((Sex wise.) (That reminds me Kevin: a guy me and Tyler knew told us multiple crazy stories about his time in Brazil the highlights of two stories are: “No. It takes a lot to kill a human being.” And “No. She was a whore.” He meant both things literally))

Directors who are now famous who used to be famous for commercials

Spike Jonze

David Fincher

Michel Gondry

Mark Romanek

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Who did they fuck?: Odd Oscar Recognitions

Gary Bussey Best Actor Nomination for The Buddy Holly Story
Yes. A casting director saw Gary Bussey and said, “THAT’S BUDDY HOLLY!” Then Academy members saw the movie and said, “THAT GUY WAS BUDDY HOLLY!” Then they nominated him for an Ocsar.

Helen Hayes Best Supporting Actress WINNER for Airport
Airport also had another best supporting actress nomination. Also the other nominees, Karen Black for Five Easy Pieces, Lee Grant for The Landlord, Sally Kellerman for M*A*S*H*

Shelly Winters Best Supporting Actress Nomination for The Poseidon Adventure
This is her death scene. I beg you to watch it till the end. It’s a masterpiece of broadness.

Glory of Love Best Song Nomination for Karate Kid, Part II
 It was the 80’s. But…

Sandra Bullock Best Actress WINNER for The Blind Side
She is one sassy white lady. 


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The Dreamshakes (Not a term about people with Parkinson’s disease dreaming)

Someone I know started a basketball blog called The Dreamshakes. There’s a really good article called Duke, or how everyone loves to hate what I love to love. Also I wrote about how I lost out on the Clippers. Enjoy.

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What do you call this?

It’s a video posted on facebook.  I think it’s a cross between tap dancing and sign language.

Mai Bags

My friend Mai is an artist, and these are the bags that she designed:

Her other work can be seen here:
I like the songs in particular.
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