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Pilgrim Song in SXSW!!!

Pilgrim Song has a whole slew of NCSA alumnus involved in the movie.

Starting with Martha Stephens who wrote and directed the film. This is her second film at SXSW by the way. And last time she won the “We Believe in You” Award Produced by Adam Tate (once was in a movie I made about bigfoot and couldn’t remember who I was a couple years later), shot by Alexander Sablow (former roommate who left me sleeping on the kitchen floor once), and edited by Nathan Whiteside (whose better than anyone in the world at making me feel like an idiot almost drug me into a fight with someone at Blazers game and is one of the largest loves of my life) and production design by Elizabeth McKee (who didn’t go to NCSA but whom I have met once and is a lovely person)

Go here at SXSW for more information. What are you doing? Go already!

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Starring John Reese and Augustus Heagerty. Both 4th year drama students at UNCSA.





Here is the first film post. The actress is Ali Bill she currently attends UNCSA for drama.

Check back next week for another video post. There hopefully will be some more posts between now and then. Thanks.


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