Kevin Tadge: Can be found ever where but here

Co-founder of Laser Crab Revue, Kevin Tadge, (well technically he came up with the name and the first magazine. Then I approached him and was like “Hey, we should go online with this.” So, I’m like Justin Timberlake. I don’t know if he is Jesse Eisenberg or Andrew Garfield)  has been all over the place.

You can find a short story he wrote here for “Mandala Journal” called “Bee Boy”.

His photography was also featured for some Dutch(?) or German(?) website see if you can find the Laser Crab mention. it’s some really cool stuff.

He edited a music video. Yeah. Short stories, photography and editing. He’s a triple threat ladies or guys. But, I’m pretty sure just ladies. It’s for this band Bow Ribbons and the song is “Bells Ring” its a good song. Here watch it already.

Then he got interviewed. Yeah I know.

Finally, his photography got featured in this really cool magazine called CZE. You should check it for sure.

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