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SXSW starts to tomorrow and there is a lot of NCSA Alumni at SXSW. Who? What? Where? When? Now? No? Really? Wait…what was that? Shoot! Shoot her! Shoot her! (Clumsy, uncalled for Jurassic Park: Check)

Pilgrim Song
Director: Martha Stehpens
Producer: Adam Tate
Director of Photography: Alexander Sablow
Editor: Nathan Whiteside
Actors: Brendan McFadden (film) and Michael Abbot Jr. (drama)

I met Nate and Tate at the same time. I showed up to a party at a house late. They were very drunk and shooting a BB gun. So, I image if there in Texas together don’t show up to a party they’re at late. Because in Texas it will probably be a real gun. And, they will shoot you.

Hopefully we will have more to report on Pilgrim Song soon.

Festival Favorites:
Director: Craig Zobel
Director of Photography: Adam Stone
Actor: Michael Abbot (twice? he’s like the Jude Law of SXSW)

Compliance if you don’t know premiered at Sundance. It got a lot of attention. Magnolia films bought it. Exciting stuff.

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